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    Gneisenau during her final voyage, Operation Cerberus, the famous Channel Dash back to Germany from the French Atlantic coast in February 1942 made together with sister Scharnhorst and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. Mined en route, she was terminally damaged by RAF bombing at the end of the month whilst in dry dock for repair.

    1. kkt

      Thank you for your comments. The SMS Gneisenau battleship that is mentioned in this blog is about is a different ship than the one you mention. There were several Gneisenau ships in the German military. The ship in these photos was launched in 1906. It was scuttled and sunk in action in 1914 at the Battle of the Falkland Islands. There is detailed information here,

  2. Charles Lee Grice

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    I hope that you are still there…..

    I have my ancestry tracked to a Joseph Grice from Pennsylvania, born in 1768. I am working on a theory that Joseph’s grandfather may be connected. How can I get access to the “Old Letters” or the Grice family papers/


    Chuck Grice
    via PS, Leesburg, OH, Chillicothe, OH, Portsmouth, OH, West Portsmouth, Chicago!!!

  3. Elizabeth Gildersleeve

    Thank you! I am a descendant of Joseph through my mother. (Joseph-Charles A-Samuel Davis-Francis Marion-Frank McMullan- to my grandfather Francis Marion). I have seen the memoir previously but had no idea that his likeness had been captured. I can see bits of him in some photos of my grandfather.